about Iain Taylor

2015-06-20 17.53.14This is I! Living in Edinburgh Scotland, although have been known to prefix many locations around the world with “When I lived _____” in some cases I would say this even if it was only a three or so months!

I have had this site for some time now but find myself in a constant state of procrastination on pressing the “Publish” button. It is evermore frustrating as have a clear vision of the “perfect post” and cannot understand why I never get there. Although I am still looking to create great content I am certain that many pieces will fall short. Perhaps to the enjoyment of my readers.

What do I do? I spend my time refining my future experience of life. I have found that I have a huge amount of patience yet paradoxically am frustrated by the time it takes to realise my full potential. Life is a great thing and something I am very grateful for. I love meeting people, learning from others and share where it adds value.

My weakness: Red wine (in fact all wine). I have a vision to create my own wine cellar and tasting room sometime.

I enjoy investing and have been in property for many years, a real corner stone of being able to create the life my wife & I have. I run an investment company called Tezabi which invests in startups. Trying to pick the next big thing is not something that is key, however seeing a team flourish as a result of an investment I make is incredibly rewarding. I find myself getting involved in projects of all types, some within my scope of professional expertise however some are very much based on subjects that interest me run by people I believe in 🙂

I love keeping fit and cooking so you would think that eating well would be a “piece of cake” (no pun intended) but it is hard, so I take one day off a week to allow all the cravings to explode together invariably I feel utterly sick by the end of the day but that’s the point!

Skiing, Snowboarding, Sailing are all activities that I have taken to a high level and have followed each in a professional capacity when I was younger although I believe I am still as good as when I was younger – I’m not funnily enough. I still believe otherwise though 😉