I live in Edinburgh Scotland, although have been known to prefix many locations around the world with “When I lived _____” even if only for a short time!

I am constantly evolving this site & have come to accept that it will never be complete.

I travel both with my wife Kaye and alone. I have chosen some interesting travel experiences & plan to continue this while also extending my businesses and investments.

I enjoy the web generally and started a web development agency in 2002. Investing have been investing in property for many years, essentially allowing me to take riskier investments in other sectors. I have also invested in a number of companies, see portfolio above. In some cases this can be risky however I think I have it fairly well balance against other asset classes. Trying to pick the next big thing is not something that is key but more to enjoy the journey even if this results in losing the original investment.

I enjoy keeping fit, I love yoga & pilates, which I try to attend 4/5 times a week.

Skiing, Snowboarding, Sailing are all activities that I have taken to qualification level. I still believe I am as good at them as when I was younger but suspect not 😉