Photography revolution is in progress right now – find how why!

Yes that’s right a photography revolution in in progress right now and I am going to share it with you.

Since the introduction of the modern SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras and picture taking has evolved year on year. The SLR or todays DSLR (Digital) gave the photographer the ability to take a picture and capture a moment in time that allowed him/her to create a particular photograph. Now when I say “capture” I mean that when the photographer snaps they capture the light focus depth of field which give the picture its creative flare.

One of the biggest barriers to entry for any budding photographer was understanding Aperture, Exposure, Depth of field and capturing the moment as the eye is seeing it, right now. The modern day DSLR or compact digital camera, set on automatic, does deal with this quite well but only by guessing which part you actually want to focus on. Not ideal all of the time.

So now imagine for a moment that you can snap a picture and at a future date amend the focal point and zoom according to the desired outcome. Interested in hearing more? If yes then read on…..

Enter a new company called “Lytro” based out of the US. They have created a camera that creates “Living Pictures” – the camera captures all the possible light the is in the frame from each and every direction allowing for their technology to take over and give you the creator the freedom to continue with your creativity when back at home after the moment has passed.

So if you are interested in entering the new world of “Living Pictures” then head on over to Lytro Cameras and buy one. Unfortunately they are only shipping in the US right now but I am sure that this will change in time.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way associated with this technology or this company and no affiliate links are used here. I just simply love this technology and cannot wait for my new camera to arrive.