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I recently set this company up to administer and deal with all domain name and affiliate marketing ventures I embark upon. My new organisation will act as the hub for all ventures of this nature.

This is exciting as I have been working on projects like these since 1999 and shows the value of some of my assets as stand alone domains but more importantly by combining them with appropriate affiliate products I see these domains as true long term investments.

The key activities involve the following:

Brand development

I define this as the building out of a domain into a fully functioning business and brand. This has a two fold benefit to myself and potential investors Tezabi Group investors.

1. Domain name –¬†itself has intrinsic value (all-be-it that this is often a bit of a moving target given the numerous ways to value a digital asset of this sort)

2. Income generating – by building out a domain to becoming a business you generate income that will likely grow over time.

For more information on “Tezabi Group” and the investment opportunities please visit www.tezabi.com