Ezone Software

Ezone Software is a company that Iain setup with his colleague Barry OKane. The company was set up in December 2002 and still operates today as a leading SaaS CMS (Content Management Software) provider.

Ezone is based in the fantastic city of Edinburgh Scotland where it has its main office. We have a great honest working relationship with all our clients and will only ever do what is best for them and best for us, in that order.

The company has grown slowly over the years but has a solid base of customers who are subscribers to their software and the included support.

For more information please contact Ezone direct.


Dropbox is a great service that gives you access to back up and share files with your colleagues, family or the general public. The key benefit is the ability to retrieve a file from the cloud (web) in the absence of your actual computer itself. i.e. if you are at friend or out on the road and need access to a file you simply login and download the file in question.

If you have additional machines it automatically syncs the files that you add to Dropbox across all machines without you actually needing to transfer the files consciously.


Any this is a great service so please take a look and see if this is of benefit to yourselves.

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