Domaining & Investment for the future

“I was right……..domain names are valuable”

This might seem an obvious statement – however I would like to share my story with you.

Domain names are key in any on line business strategy.

Having bought my first domain in 1999 I was a relative early adopter in the world of domain investing. This post will share a little part of my experience to date.

Italy 1999:

I was working in Italy on a private luxury yacht – specifically, at this time, I was located in a small fishing village called Agropoli. My girlfriend (at the time) and I were taking some time out.

On this particular day I was in an internet cafe and it occurred to me that these things called domain names were an essential part of any web strategy.

So I started searching.

I started with searches for some really obvious ones. My country and city. all were taken. It was always clear to be that any domain purchase had to be generic in nature and to always avoid brands however tempting it might have been. It was clear to me, after a few searches, how far behind corporations were in the adoption of a any Domain name strategy, still keep clear, its not worth it for your own long term integrity.

“I found one” – now, in the world of keyword domains you might say that this domain was not of any real value. My thinking was that .com and .net were gone so .org was a good start. As I started to go through the registration process I had this feeling that my fellow internet cafe users were all “on my case” and they were going to hand reg ALL remaining domains whilst I was merely paying for my first. This was clearly a ridiculous thought considering the domaining world we live in today.

There is however a small relative truth in what I am saying as there are many other domainers who snapped up many other keyword domains that now provide them with passive income and /or have given them a significant boot in their net worth through domain name sales.

Today I am sitting on around 350 domain names some worthless some have small value – however the one consistent aspect is that all are generic in nature and have a strategic thought or mental business plan or idea for each.

This is a short post to get me started in sharing my experiences with you. I will post my domain name ideas here as they materialise.