I lost a friend today – making life happen.

Hi All,

I dropped in to visit my old boss today, Herbert Thayer. I formerly worked as a Ski Instructor in Austria, specifically at Ski School Kitzsteinhorn (Schischule Thayer) – I originally worked there 20 years ago.

As you might guess, I had a great time. However today I found out about a friend, fellow instructor, who is now no longer with us.

Let me explain, on the 11 November 2000 there was a devastating accident which involved the main funicular railway. This means of transport, for on average 150+ passengers each trip, brought them to one of the most reliable ski areas accross the region.

Although I knew about the accident happenning I had a fleeting thought that perhaps, allbeit a long shot, that I might have known someone onboard. I never called to find out.

It felt selfish to call as I knew that the whole region knew someone onboard. Instead I took a moment to pay respect to all that perrished, (155 in total), and left it at that.

So, on my visit today to lookup my former boss, Herbert Thayer. I learnt that one of my fellow instructors, Jakob, was indeed on board and died that day. A great instructor and ambassador for skiing, fun loving and generally an all round great guy. A great loss.

It might seem a little late to pay my respects but important for me to do so.

It made me realise one thing that is not to wait for life to happen to me but more to make life happen for me. i.e. my agenda. As with anything the thing is not the thing, it is one step removed. This is more a message for myself but thought that it is important to share with all.

All the best Jakob, my friend and fellow instructor.

Prost mein freund.


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  1. I worked for Herbert in Jackson Hole 1966-67 where he managed the 7-Levels Inn (assuming this is the same Herbert). He as a brother Sep. Can you give me contact information for him?


    Rick Decker

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