Why this guy got the whole asking price

This guy Neville got the full asking price for a couple of original prints he had painted.

To put you in the picture this was in Barbados at “Oistins Fish Fry” which is a local spectical full of reggae, great food and local craft stalls.

I came across this amazing artist Neville who gave me his price for an original piece of art he had painted in 2010. By that I mean he said his price with such commitment and certainty that I could not even try to negotiate. I then, however came across another piece that clearly belonged to the first i.e. I had to buy both pieces.
Now I figured that this was a clear sign that I could negotiate so I did and indeed I was successful. Off I went to get the extra cash from the cash machine. On my way I was thinking about what had just happened in my negotiation with Neville and came to the conclusion that although I felt great about my negotiation skills, if I want to improve my own ability in getting paid what I am worth then in the case with Neville he should get his full price and not my negotiated price.
I promptly went back and gave Neville his full asking price knowing that the additional money I had just spent was serving both Neville as a local talented artist who, in my eyes, had mastered the art of knowing his value and getting it but also that I had learnt a valuable lesson and deserved my true value in life as well. Neville was surprised and grateful which was more valuable than the money itself.

I will be keeping in touch with Neville and hope to buy more of his art in the future.